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Giclee or Lithographic prints

Giclee prints

What is Giclee? Pronounced 'Gee-Clay' from the French word meaning, "spray" this form of fine art printing uses inkjet technology to produce prints of exceptional quality. Using state of the art computer technology to reproduce images, printing can be done on 100% cotton canvas or high quality watercolour paper. Unlike desktop inkjet printers the printer uses 8 colours allowing the widest possible colour range. Artwork stunningly similar to the original is created-with vibrant, accurate colours and rich surface textures. The resulting print can be lightfast to very high levels with a minimum of six on the Blue Wool test. The latest test results show a life expectancy of 100 to 200 years can be expected.

The Giclee prints on this site are all limited editions: meaning they are printed in editions of ranging from 80 to 850 and each print is signed and numbered by the artist. There may be occasions when certain paintings will be reproduced in even smaller editions of, for example, 10. This will usually be when there is a particularly large format print, which inhibits larger print runs due to high paper costs. The number of prints in an edition therefore reflects their sale price, as obviously a print in an edition of 100 will be a more rare collectable item than one out of 850. The quantity of prints will never exceed the overall number of the stated edition. Life and work move on and new reproductions are produced. The original paintings from which the prints are produced are from time to time available for purchase.

Giclee Prints on art quality paper are to thick to roll and can only be mailed flat.   

Lithographic Prints

Lithographic prints are produced in larger quantity and are not 'limited' like the Giclee editions. They are referred to as 'Open edition' prints, as they are not restricted by the number of prints published. These prints are reasonably priced for a unique run of prints that are collectable.