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Exhibition of paintings

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About the artist

I always hope that my paintings speak for themselves - that way I know they work! However some explanation is required about why I do what I do.

To many people, it may seem absurd, even futile, to spend so much time struggling not just to paint (which incidentally is often the easiest part) a half-decent picture, but to pay the bills and feed my family. After all, could I not be out there in the city, doing a respectable job with a company car? Well, actually, the answer is no. I have tried, but I am always brought full circle back to my easel. I love the creative buzz, especially when I'm in the 'zone' thats when it works and all comes together.

This work is my God-given responsibility. It is what I do. It's what I've been doing since I was about 5 years old. Will I still be painting at 80 years old? Could I afford to? Could I afford not to? Whatever, there's always eternity to look forward to, and maybe I can get to meet Rembrandt and pick up a few tips!
I welcome commissions to create a particular painting: from landscapes or mural work to portraits of people or animals.

If you cannot find the painting you are looking for, please contact me as I have other work in stock, which I can show you images of.



         Education             Royal West of England Academy, Bristol 1970


                                    Studying Life drawing

                                    Somerset College of Art,Taunton  1971 -1974

                                    Graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration


      Commissions          Standard Life plc.

                                          Scottish Enterprise Foundation

                                          The Sultan of Oman

                                          David and Judith Steel

                                          The Countess of Hopetoun

                                          Edinburgh Arts

                                          Ottaway & partners, California


                  Exhibitions       Galleria Cimbell, Alicante, Spain

                                          El Tunnel, Altea, Spain

                                          Galleria Datscha, Altea, Spain

                                          Hanover Fine Art, Edinburgh

                                          Colours Gallery, Edinburgh

                                          Torrence Gallery, Edinburgh

                                          Line Gallery, Linlithgow

                                          St. John’s Hospital, Livingston

                                          Westgate Gallery, North Berwick

                                          Campsie Gallery, Clachan of Campsie

                                    Villas Fine Art, Letchworth, England
                                    The Edinburgh Gallery, Edinburgh
                                    The Acorn Gallery, Linlithgow 
                                    Greens and Blues gallery, North Berwick
                                    EDS Gallery, Edinburgh
                                     Frames Gallery, Dundee
     Eduardo Alessandro Studios